Breaks in the links

The most hurtful thing you could do was to agree with my own demons. 

Was to see the broken things i was saying to myself – things that hurt me to its very 3am core as the solution to my tears

Was to say to me killing all of which i am trying to desperately and brokenly love back as the antidote

you don’t even see that i’m killing me.

And i dont want your empathy

Not when ive to gain it with blunt explanations cheap things i can give to anyone. It sooner kill me than i will.

Ahahaha oh my gosh this was from so long ago!! I was pretty upset over it but in hindsight i was being silly. But sometimes people just need others to see the best in them to recover, to see the hope or to see nothing at all – nothing wrong – nothing that dooms them to their failures. Thats what hope is. 


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