Liquid gold

Flowers of apocalypse,

Grow over everything man has destroyed.

Make a wreath out of this earth, and let the sea be tears that

lap its sides

till all is fire and rust.

What have we done?

DSC00386.JPGDSC00388.JPGDSC00389.JPGSnapped these pics of this water tap near my house protruding oddly out of the field. I have no idea what it’s uses are or when it was installed but standing there, towering over the grass I can’t help but think about how humans have managed to control the very blood of this earth. Its flow, it’s purest from, it’s quantity. Opening one small tap and watching water gush out feels like we have created it in infinity. Yet somewhere else in the world, people perish from droughts and thirst. And someday in the future this water would be  all gone.

What have we done? :c


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