You have the right to be You


Freedom to be loved

Have pain and hate abnormal

No it’s not a phase.


Here’s a super pink and glittery look for #pinkdot the values I hope my society will have as whiskers: tolerance, freedom, acceptance and the valuing of love & life


The pink dot movement in Singapore is going through the usual round of hellfire by objectors. But here’s the thing – you can be conservative without imposing your believes, without being a tyrant. When you see the amount of pain, suicide and darkness has been brought to a fellow human being just because some people think they have the right to rip apart the society and deny a living person their rights to live and be who they are, there’d be no way to justify bigoted behaviour. Even if it goes against your believes, no one is forcing your full acceptance all you have to do is to not externalise your believes as a hateful spiteful person. Isn’t it also bad for your own emotional heath to be so toxic? Also is this hatred just a manifestation of a deeper insecurity or a distraction from unhappiness in your own life? Why don’t we all work on our own selves and lives than trying to dictate the lives of others.


❤ To anyone who has ever been bullied and hurt by hatred, demands to be ‘manly’ or ‘womanly’, homophobia, discrimination and sexism, I send you my love and support! remember the way bullies behave reflects how they are like and their values. The shame is theirs not yours.


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