You are

The evening sunlight falling warmly 

Full deep laughter ringing clear

The person who loves me as we walk linked in the rain, pressing against each other for warmth in varsity hoodies

The first person i trusted in college – the flawed person – music and beer. 

Miracle, gem, the kindest person i’ve met. 

Also an asshole. Also someone i’m embarrassed to admit these tender feelings for. 

Why is loving you so difficult so terrifying yet the only thing i want to do

What have i ever done to temporarily have you? 


  • Another friend i love sincerely. I hope these posts aren’t misunderstood for romantic interest/ love!! Friendship is a kind of love to and even though there’s mutually 0 attraction i only have the warmest of affections for them, suitemates and close  friends. I’m sorry for my selfish moments

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