Witch Cheshire

Femme fatale pair

From cradle to grave you scare

Though you never chose.

DSC00320.JPGTo change things up a lil, added green freckles! Anyways I was thinking about how the feline and feminine have always been associated with magic or the sinister unexplainable. Perhaps it goes back to how the female figure is only assigned the roles of the nurturer and lover and a variant would be make her a frightful. An ugly evil lonesome witch. But like her gender can she choose her disposition?

I used to feel less feminine because of my resting bitch face. But do outgrow that silly thought if you think the same way too! I guess I began to come to terms with it when I realised how little my friends actually care and also how little I want to interact with some people to begin with!


Feel free to check out the other days and cheshires!♡


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