How do I help you? How can I pull you out of your own mind. How can I let you unsee the frozen hell on everything? 

How do I pump full tank litres of gasoline back into it. Roar it back into life, let you feel its flames again let you see the drama of the destruction, the spectacle anything but this quiet crumbling decay. 

Its the gradualness, the habituation that is killing you. 

Everything is burning for you. 

Why are you spending yourself – is it how uncaring the night sky is? 

Rebellion. Making your body a symbol. Fight this universe – hurt the part of it you can- you.

Please don’t do that. Please don’t because when specks of light are snuffed, this world is left a darker place. 




Your coldness – familiarity 

It’s like i’ve known you and loved you lifetimes over but why not this one? 

Why is it that under this sky your heart doesn’t do what hearts do

Doesn’t let anyone in.

Maybe its growing up…somehow more light has entered my life and now these thoughts come from a thoughtful and slightly confused place rather than one of pain.. but its the same question how do i help? How? 

Apocalypse Cheshire

I’m scared of water

Afraid of flying, falling

Losing heights and depth

What’s cheshire-esque? Disappearing eyebrows 😅 

I’ve been so busy trying to book flights and hesitating because i’m scared of flying. 😦 This is eating me up on the inside, this lack of contentment this desire to escape this want for the thrill. I’m just afraid im underwhelming, living a boring life and so i try and want to fill it with all these exotic places and memories and people that won’t actually matter. Just because everyone else has done so.


Garden Cheshire


Roll over into

Nothing but smiling lips that


Kiss flowers silver.



Here’s Cheshire rolling amongst the flowers. I wonder what arguments he would have with the twittering mean vegetation! I wanted to make the tail look wispy as if he would disappear and reappear like breathes or maybe the vapour from the hookah Absolem smokes!

Chinese Cheshire


Tell me the stories

From white men lips, each chapter

Creates foreign lands




Much of ancient Chinese cosmetics find their roots in legends. “Ornamental designs on the forehead were attributed to a princess named Shouyang, favorite of Southern Dynasty Emperor Songwudi (363AD-422AD). A blossom fell on the princess’ forehead one afternoon as she slept under the shade of a plum tree in the palace garden. Liking the effect, Shouyang wore the flower for a few days. Other court ladies followed suit, painting ornamental designs and pasting metallic patterns on their foreheads. This vogue peaked during the Tang Dynasty economic boom that succeeded a period of nationwide chaos.” –

So here’s to cultural diversity Cheshire!

Witch Cheshire

Femme fatale pair

From cradle to grave you scare

Though you never chose.

DSC00320.JPGTo change things up a lil, added green freckles! Anyways I was thinking about how the feline and feminine have always been associated with magic or the sinister unexplainable. Perhaps it goes back to how the female figure is only assigned the roles of the nurturer and lover and a variant would be make her a frightful. An ugly evil lonesome witch. But like her gender can she choose her disposition?

I used to feel less feminine because of my resting bitch face. But do outgrow that silly thought if you think the same way too! I guess I began to come to terms with it when I realised how little my friends actually care and also how little I want to interact with some people to begin with!


Feel free to check out the other days and cheshires!♡



Disney’s gentle cat

Distantly float with air brushed



Pink glitter for a more whimsical feel! : )

Sadly halloween has always clashed with exam seasons so I’ve never properly celebrated it before 😥 Anyways! Played around with Tim Burton’s more macabre rendition of the Cheshire and toned it down with Disney’s palette of soft furriness yay!




Dapper Cheshire

Fade into deep purple space

Lift corners of lips



I’ve been busy since summer started but I managed to snatch some time around 2am last night to play around with this Cheshire Cat interpretation 🙂 ~happy~  Haunted by nightmares about exams the past few weeks and it takes me back to those A Level days when I’d also spend hours experimenting with the different characters from Alice in Wonderland ❤ guess some interests never change

Also strange story: a rat tried to bite me while I was watching buzzfeed videos after doing this makeup!!what the 1. vermin!! 2. irony !!

Fertility Rites

Every time the blood comes,

Keeling in pain

more bearable than the emotional hellfire 

it rains to smudge the distinction between who I am and who i know myself to be.

Reminders my individuality is not full choice

And I pray it to stop, the price for my unchosen gender

that I love anyway?

“It’s dirty”

“Holy” – festival of men,

This is the blood of relief I bleed, the water of averted creation.

I can only pray for its end and fear the threat of it

for each visit, reminder of death.

Of how I’m closer, by the month to the end of this bleeding

and the eventual end of this vessel.

Maybe gratitude is nature’s gift.

Pain, her price.