On Monsters

Sometimes do you feel scared and worried that theres something lurking behind you or those flashbacks of scary movies and scary pictures.

  1. breathe. its evolution to be sacred of these kind of things.
  2. isn’t it important to note how our minds often capture these bad memories or bad things more :)we should work on remembering the good things stronger instead. cuz these bad memories really do not good for us. not to mention why not just live in the present moment instead ❤
  3. we often imagine the unknown/people/things we don’t like to be uglier worse, more despicable than they really are. this is a biased world view and also reveals how we exaggerate and let hate take control of us and blind us.

So have compassion. these monsters, these people we don’t like, always know you are making them worse than they really are.

**p.s. but there are such a thing as toxic people out there and so if you do meet one PLEASE!! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. you will help others by helping yourself.

and protecting yourself is super important ❤

leave a bad person. let good people enter your life.

you can do it!!

I believe in you.


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