How Procrastination Can Save Your Grades

Basically they can’t really. For guilty offenders who clicked this with hope, at least you’re doing something called Productive Procrastination. This refers to spending your time doing meaningful things which includes anything but scrolling through instagram’s “beach babes” hashtag lists. As you can imagine say if procrastinating on doing that assignment means cleaning up my room, you’re going to go from Super Idle Devil’s Workshop CEO to Clean and slightly closer to Godly Level Efficiency.

That’s it for today’s study/life tips! Hope that helps!

What i really want to discuss today is How The Grades Make the Student. Nopes, this is not to shame tests which are so crucial as much as we detest (hey hey pun unintended) them. See imagine wrecks of drivers and surgeons out on the roads who did not pass their qualification tests  – or did not even have those, in the name of some lofty ‘holistic’ ideal. Well, we’ll pass on them for sure! So tests are not all that bad. Clarification: i do think a holistic education is great and the hyper-intellectualisation of children, defining individuals by their paper grades and the fetishsisation of intellect over character are bad!

But yes, tests are a necessary evil. Semester 1 has been gradeless for me and i’ve basically took the ‘less’ from ‘gradeless’ and applied it across the board. Yes, i am a person who believes in diligence. I juggled 2-3 extra-curricular commitments on top of extra language classes for the past entirety of my formal education. College hits and I entered it thinking i will cherish sem 1 and use it to the fullest. But slowly i did less of everything. Less courage, less commitments, less readings. Attendance for one module – completely non existent ( if sleeping in lecture counts that A for absent would be A for Atrociously consistent). Completing my readings as the months went by became priority n^th to that Late Night Crippling Anxiety. I’d liberally take leave to have Existential Crisis or usually, sleep in and at the back of my mind constantly feeling broken about the ‘ex’ part of existential.

And i dont deserve the excuse of ‘hey its college life thats what its like’ or ‘your first heartbreak is painful’ yeah but i became a less productive, less happy, more reclusive member (going on to be ghost member) of society.

Grades kick in for sem 2 and here I am, a week before classes, downloading my reading lists, reading curriculum and exam requirements and planning a series of methods to cope with my emotional state ( i simply can’t afford it jeopardising my love of learning which beyond being an a priori good, is also an expedient ingredient for having Drive. and doing Well.)

True. It all boils down to me relying on external motivation and this makes me respect those who excelled and were driven even without the needs for learning to take place (ie ungraded sem jk), even more. That being said i do support the ungraded sem philosophy from both principle and practical POVs. It was a good experience and a timely one but just one semester is enough.

I definitely need to work on this aspect of my self discipline (self motivation), but going into sem 2, i have one more thing to cherish – tests. And even when i am stressed next sem, i will remember to appreciate them because it helps me give myself investment into my own growth. It means i don’t give up when the tough times really hit – because i can’t afford to.

Clarification 3: i don’t subscribe to the paper chase, but i think tests and grades materialize consequences which is a good catalyst for you to push yourself ( on top of genuinely being passionate/ seeing purpose in how your learning serves the community).


College Year 1 Sem 1 has ended, it’s been a wild ride, but a great one. It has helped me find out a little more about life and love. Going into 2017, i’ll be a stronger more driven person and i wish everyone all the best and the best of health! ❤


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