Ive got no time to be sad

Ive got too much work to do



Trying to take a nap while standing in the shower


Slow exhaustion,

the lights hitting my body? brain? on-edged self –

flooding in confusion


We’re going back to the slave society,

Climbing down the ladder – a reverse slide of enslavement

Primitive sentiments and violent hatred straight from the cold hearts of caves

Which year are really living? Slowly sliding to the dawn of human consciousness

Through feudal to the thinking of slave societies.

A tribute to Max Weber


We’re making people rational,

Sketching full scaffolds that draws the lines

Between control and shaking anxiety.


take animal instincts by the shoulders and drown it back into my veins.

Artificial civilisation governed from the capital of capital

We’re our own prophets now – self-fulfilling prophecies

Man in the seat of god, ideology hold the reigns of my scripture

We can make us rational, we can make things.

We can whole worlds make sense to us in ways it never has.

crossed the line

i always cross the line,

but the difference is by now i know that what i spoil is irreplaceable –

i can’t return any broken thing to itself

ive spoiled things beond repair.

i always cross the line and it’s always too late.

there’s never a return

A letter to public speaking

The frantic pace of fingers drumming on keypads

heart beating to an ever increasing furious pace

as all things rush along, movements and sounds flashing through tunneled vision

the world crescending in a whirlwind of sentence fragments

as you finally collapse to the end of a stuttery presentation,

how do people collect that cool calm authority they don’t actually have


I’m in tears and out of love with life –

but i know that that’s because i’m exhausted,

tired beyond words, tired beyond myself.

self-entitled exhaustion when there are people out there with real

exhaustion seeping into their souls.

for them, i pray, already kneeling with my own

inconsequential tiredness

hating the inauthenticity of this very exhaustion and bout of feelings

it’s not me feeling it really, right?

Isn’t it just the chemicals called tiredness and hunger?

so different in the daytime – unrecognizable thought patterns

then who am i? if this is me at this moment.