just leave me alone

i regret leaving those


penning those tiny rivers into my skin



even then how much

will i even change how much do i want to

i can barely deal with this –

the rage, it consumes

i cant live as me

no, i dont have the courage not when so much of me is just

an expression of hate and anger

a cut for every time

i break the last and only promise i’ll make:

i’ll never hurt anyone else



oh the world is only made so much more dramatic by you

you think your grief is that great? haha letit go

you can have peace if you want it

please pick the rational option

be happy and peaceful

have down times and be ok with that

well and let your friends support you and do so

and be the best version of yourself

i really hate the lines above

i really hate how i’m being silly at every second

i hate this

i hate everything

i hate how i could get better but im not doing it


please god save me from salvation

save me from the pressure of getting better

melodramatic bitch



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