vile seductress, don’t tempt me into the night.

don’t plant the words on my lips

that i’d grow to regret in calmer moods

flighty, frisking

something from within struggles and surges to break from

the carefully inconsistently closed lid


what i don’t want myself to want

i want to sip from the cup of youth

sip in long draught-s of

alcohol, later nights and


and it scares me because

this isn’t an awakening

this is a reversion to what i regret being





my phone has died and i am devastated

i feel so lost and alone without it! and this sense of discomfort and restlessness when we’re torn away from our phones is so common!

i think its because so much of our inner worlds are externalised by it and for us, so much of the outer world filters in to us through it.

our phones, our instagramss, they give us a feeling that we have an identity, they help us define our moments they’re like our digital consciousness

and being without them, or the internet our pseudo religion is such a terrifying terrifying experience

it is also so stressful and vexing because the world suddenly dulls and we’re forced to confront the question of the day when our real consciousness is taken away

and we realise how little our identities are build on

** i offer you a cure to this frustration and griping fear! its to sing!! singing helps you find that courage again

a breakdown

just enjoy life. why aren’t we enjoying life?🙂

find the things that make you feel great

that make you fall in love with life over and over again

the people that make you laugh every single day

the things that make you smile and dance and jump for joy

find inspiration

be inspired

be happy

be in love

take chances take them

take all of them


without fear


but is it wrong of to love life? and as i pause to wonder, life slips by