snapchat. Instagram. Whatsapp!

I still haunt our old places
stalking myself to see if you do too
Your digital footprints, small little cat paws padding across the internet, turning your soft little nose away at times wandering,
lumbering off into the obscure distance of another web page
(What is it!!!)
Looking for that small jolt of reassurances! Have you liked my post, if youve seen my updates,
my cheerfulness, my attempts to be pretty
For you?
Scrolling past sometimes i stumble on what remains of our loving bickering
Kiddy talk
Infant days
Nascent love
You: mock angry – what kind of girlfriend does this!
Me teasingly: bla bla bla meow meow meow
I love you- was just one phone call away, giggling into the phone bursting into furtive smiles – strangers watching with sneaking suspicion.
Oh kitty cat why am i still doing this?
Why cant i just.


* ive just got a tattoo choker-a bit late! But im getting it as a reminder that i will wear often – that i need to  find life and adventure again! I can do this! Friends im recovering day by day and i hope you are too 💕

ALSO! I look really young due to my asian heritage but im actually matriculating into college this year!


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