What’s love without a little loss?

Hahaha i love you and i miss you and i hope that slowly day by day we would heal and strengthen
And maybe someday we can come together not in pain and confusion but in pure and blissful love

And its okay because step by step i would take it with as much authenticity as i can possibly give!


It hurts

Not a fiery kind of pain
Not a fury of tears kind of ache

But a numbing

Half limbo

Of superficial talk and smiles
Of indicators of love and affection

But raw love- like the thinnest film of a bubble’s separation

weight on our hearts that we cant take hold of


Aren’t we.

But even if i could – you’re already a little broken arent you?
A little emptied out and unfeeling arent you?
A little – much less – able to love me arent you?
And i cant fault you-
Can I?
When i’m a little broken already
-Aren’t I


If not for this life

I ache for you

And these niceties and socialties – these prejudice and moralities

I wish and will never –
Rip it all off facades clothes and restraint
authenticate our wholeness

And all that was meant to be
But… it isnt even