Aisht being a city person, i’ve realised our high stress comes from this will to perfection -so that train missed by a second, that single word unsaid and that single percentage difference between good and best becomes untrue shards of failure and annoyance with ourselves and others.

It’s quite a lot of self inflicted misery, really! I think its time to let go of things and ease up a little; have a little forgiveness for ourselves and our cities 😌


Stress is an expectation
anger, a punishment

Calculating life to non existent minutes
Reimaging reality- a naivete

Summoning the past to fore
Replaying that second of the decision
Tiny act, uncommensurate ripples
Hoping- no believing that your human capacity controls destiny

That all these things weren’t built into a larger system of
Collective consequence
A thousand different lines of lives
Rushing to a deafening convergence
Only to disperse a second later,
Gently webbing, edging around, weaving lives into its original state of chaos
It was not meant to happen,
These patterns do not exist not even with our
Reimagining and reinvention of a past in which we thought they did.
Fate is a summation of all our present.



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