‘ if love can be chemically induced does it matter if the lovers will do the dry cleaning anyways? the point The Effect ( A singaporean theatre production) makes is that there is a difference between infatuation and love. the former can be kindled by volatile chemicals made to react under controlled situations, but love requires steady hard work unfazed by personal catastrophe.’

– Akshita Nanda


Reading this extract after my week of self imposed separation from k—- has given me so so much peace and clarity regarding how i feel towards him.

I still love him, but maybe loving him as a friend and person is a happier, healthier love.

Its tough to walk away from someone and for anyone else who is doing it, trust me as long as you ride through at least a week of heart ache, withdrawal and sudden rushes of tenderness, you can have a clearer mind to either return and love the person even more after, or make the right choices for yourself and him.


🙂 all the best in your search for peace!

Hehehe and inline with supporting local writers, theatre, and singers,

here’s Spotify’s 2016 Spotlight artist Linying’s song which perfectly sums up my recent experiences

Linying performs Grime, a personal track about the preconceived feeling of doom towards a relationship


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