being inferior

Why being wrong is so triggering for me.

It’s because I hate being wrong.

But you’re not wrong, only your opinions/stances are. And they aren’t you.

I hate being inferior. I hate being patronized for it.

Do you even like being praised?

No. It just satisfies me for that smug second.

You are inferior.

Just let go of that already. Your pride and

Your insecurities.


I hate myself when I’m triggered because it reveals how lacking I am in character and knowledge.


Lets take a Buddhist view on this, shall we?

You don’t have to hate that. It is the natural state of things and you.

Don’t hate, it because its ok.

Its ok baby girl, you’ll be ok and its ok.


Then what shall I do?

When im wrong?

Smile and don’t hold onto yourself.

Don’t struggle with what you are and whats right. Because the space between that, doesn’t exist. You aren’t even what you think you ‘are’.


you don’t need external validation


im letting go of the need for people. I’m letting go of my slave contract to wanting others to act and think of me in certain ways. In good ways.



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